A Reading
By Ralph… inspired by the whip of Karen

wineglassIn the deformed shadow of a hot crowded world of cold concrete connected by sprawling arteries of loud machines piercing through our communities day and night where our people battle daily the high tension and stress of contemporary life to earn the right to escape, like an oasis in an unwelcoming expanse, there is a beautiful place.
Imagine this place where idyllic ancient mountains and rolling hills are graced in our time with seemingly endless unspoiled forests and countless awe-inspiring creatures.
A place where every season of the year presents new light, new colors, brightens our hearts with new sensual experiences
A place where the clean water from the clouds rolls gently down pristine mountain streams and into the subterranean world. A subterranean world that, like a miracle, allows itself to be revealed in a spectacular display of crystals and wondrous shapes that tease the imagination in a delightful way.
A place where fat wine grapes creep generously over the hill sides and hollows to bare the yearly gift of delicious wines
A place where talented artisans work diligently to coax out the best of grains and ripe fruit to brighten our souls with the amber and crystalline spirits of old.
A place where culinary delights, fine and casual, are celebrated in every town
A place where smiling inn keepers extend the highest qualities of hospitality to all weary travelers and work tirelessly to assure a unique world class experience
A place where historic towns preserve the best of local heritage while striving to enable the best of modern services and product to promote flourishing communities and economies
A place where citizens, communities, governments and businesses respectfully lock arms and “dance” to preserve the integrity and opportunity of the beautiful place.
A place where our people can escape to celebrate the finest times in life… the times that we live for

Thank God… it is ours – the Blue Ridge Whisky Wine Loop!