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A Reading
By Ralph… inspired by the whip of Karen

wineglassIn the deformed shadow of a hot crowded world of cold concrete connected by sprawling arteries of loud machines piercing through our communities day and night where our people battle daily the high tension and stress of contemporary life to earn the right to escape, like an oasis in an unwelcoming expanse, there is a beautiful place.
Imagine this place where idyllic ancient mountains and rolling hills are graced in our time with seemingly endless unspoiled forests and countless awe-inspiring creatures.
A place where every season of the year presents new light, new colors, brightens our hearts with new sensual experiences
A place where the clean water from the clouds rolls gently down pristine mountain streams and into the subterranean world. A subterranean world that, like a miracle, allows itself to be revealed in a spectacular display of crystals and wondrous shapes that tease the imagination in a delightful way.
A place where fat wine grapes creep generously over the hill sides and hollows to bare the yearly gift of delicious wines
A place where talented artisans work diligently to coax out the best of grains and ripe fruit to brighten our souls with the amber and crystalline spirits of old.
A place where culinary delights, fine and casual, are celebrated in every town
A place where smiling inn keepers extend the highest qualities of hospitality to all weary travelers and work tirelessly to assure a unique world class experience
A place where historic towns preserve the best of local heritage while striving to enable the best of modern services and product to promote flourishing communities and economies
A place where citizens, communities, governments and businesses respectfully lock arms and “dance” to preserve the integrity and opportunity of the beautiful place.
A place where our people can escape to celebrate the finest times in life… the times that we live for

Thank God… it is ours – the Blue Ridge Whisky Wine Loop!

Travel Courier December Cover In the Loop

Check out this wonderful story about the Blue Ridge Whisky Wine Loop in the Travel Courier Magazine written by Greg Coates.  Discover Shenandoah and the Blue Ridge Wine/Whisky Loop. Thrilling for all of our partners to receive this international coverage.

Below is the article from the Toronto magazine.

Magazine Cover Story

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Cover Story Part 2

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The entire magazine can be downloaded here: 

Travel Courier – Toronto.

We are EXCITED! See what Wine Enthusiast Magazine had to say about the Blue Ridge Whiskey Wine Loop here.

“If you only have two days for a wine drive, hop in the car and head to Virginia’s northern Blue Ridge Mountains. This compact wine-tasting route offers seven wineries and a whiskey distillery to explore, along with gorgeous natural scenery tracing the northern part of Shenandoah National Park.”

Wine Enthusiast Magazine Photo

Here are the Top “Must Do”s for Spring on the Blue Ridge Whiskey Wine Loop

Purple Flowers

  • Drive along the Skyline Drive or take a hike on forested trails in the Shenandoah National Park and observe the spring blooms and new growth (recommend Little Devils Stairs in the spring time for fit day hikers)
  • Visit Wisteria Farm and Vineyard, Ducard Vineyard, Sharp Rock, Rappahannock Cellars, Desert Rose Winery, Chester Gap located on the Blue Ridge Whiskey Wine Loop. Wineries and have a picnic on their decks while enjoying a lovely glass of Virginia wine in the scenic surroundings of the vineyards
  • Hunt for morel mushrooms in the forest- focus efforts on the lower slopes of the mountains between mid – April and mid-May.
  • Get a wild flower identification book and take walks to search the many different spring blooms.
  • Enjoy many spring festivals of the valley’s old towns (Luray Festival of Spring on Mother’s Day Weekend)
  • Canoe the Shenandoah River and relish the many sights and sounds of water fowl and new blooms
  • Tour the magnificent Luray Caverns and Luray Valley Museum in Luray; or, the Shenandoah Caverns and the New Market Civil War Battlefield.
  • Enjoy an evening of comfortable dining at the Artisan’s Grill, Mimslyn Inn, Thornton River Grille, Griffin Tavern. Many have live music.
  • For history lovers – visit the valley’s many antique shops and museums.
  • We recommend Luray Caverns’ Luray Valley Museum, the New Market Battlefield and Museum, the Copper Fox in Sperryville, and the numerous small antique and collectibles shops in Luray and on the Antiquer’s Treasure Trail.

 Springtime . . . . on the Blue Ridge Whiskey Wine Loop!

Dogwood Flowers

Take it all in! New Wine Releases,  Anniversary Celebrations, Live music, Great hikes and so much more!

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Looking for a place to Stay on the Blue Ridge Whiskey Wine Loop?  From Cabins to Bed and Breakfasts to a Historic Inn

SnowmanRecommended Winter Top “Must Do”s !

  • Take a winter walk along the Hawksbill Greenway  and then stop at one of Luray’s restaurants for breakfast, lunch or dinner.
  • After your meal, consider taking in a movie at our old style charming Page Theater.
  • Bundle up under the heavenly stars around a crackling campfire on a cold night while sipping hot seasonal spiced wine or hot chocolate.
  • Visit the regional wineries on the Blue Ridge Whiskey Wine Loop and sample their specialties; we recommend the full bodied dry red wines during winter months.
  • Tour the Luray caverns and their local museums and enjoy the consistently warm 55 degrees on a cold winter day!
  • Sample the regional culinary specialties at local diners and restaurants such as Pumpkin Roll, Pumpkin Pie and other spiced desserts
  • We recommend and Griffin Tavern in Flint Hill, and Thornton River Grill in Sperryville.
  • Bundle up and stroll through the shops and streets of old towns to admire the country holiday decorations,.
  • Visit the Art Warehouse in Luray and Rappahannock Central in Sperryville for a large and wide variety of exceptional art work and jewelry.
  • Take in the local holiday season small town events and performances.
  • Go skiing, sledding, or snow tubing at Massanutten Resort.
  • On a cold day, relax in front of fireplace or wood stove with a quilt, good book and cookies.
Colorful Fall Foliage

Colorful Fall Foliage

Here are just a few ideas for ways to enjoy the colorful autumn season as you Discover Shenandoah. Colors are just about peaking along the Blue Ridge.

  1. Hike a trail to a scenic ridge in the Shenandoah National Park – try to identify the numerous late summer/fall mushrooms along the way.
  2. Stroll through the numerous flea markets and antique shops along the Blue Ridge Whiskey Wine Loop. Take a walk through the town of Sperryville and have lunch or dinner at the Thornton River Grill. Visit the Copper Fox distillery while in Sperryville.
  3. Buy and eat fresh apples of numerous varieties grown in regional orchards and eat as many delicious fall apples as you can; look for country quilts and other fall season local made preserves, honey and specialties while buying apples.
  4. Stop at Griffin Tavern in Flint Hill for lunch and then go to Rappahannock Cellars and Desert Rose Winery just down the road for nice glass of red wine and take in the fall colors of the Blue Ridge Mountains.
  5. If staying in Luray, you can enjoy an evening of comfortable dining at the Artisans Grill, Mimslyn Inn (recommend checking for scheduled live music nights), or for Mexican Food visit Rancho Viejo.
  6. Tour the magnificent Luray Caverns and Shenandoah Valley Museum in Luray; or, the Shenandoah Caverns and the New Market Civil War Battlefield.
  7. Stop at Valley Star Farm on Rt 340 north of Luray to pick up some pumpkins and try finding your way through the Corn Maze
  8. Picnic or grill at Lake Arrowhead and take a walk around the lake to enjoy the surrounding mountain views and wildlife.
  9. Try a trail ride with Jordan Hollow Stables in Stanley or in Shenandoah National Park. A great way to appreciate the fall colors.
Pumpkins at Valley Star Farm

Pumpkins at Valley Star Farm