Blue Ridge Whisky Wine Loop Marketing Program Policy


New BRWWL LogoThe Blue Ridge Whisky Wine Loop (BRWWL) is an exclusive quality focused wine and spirits tourism destination that includes five Virginia counties and surrounds (and includes) the northernmost region of the Shenandoah National Park. The underlying focus of the program is to promote to the broadest possible market the total tourism destination attraction that is our region for the ultimate purpose of increasing our partner business’ sales and our region’s tourism revenue.

Only wine/spirits tourism businesses, or supporting businesses, who maintain a minimum 4+ star public rating on google and Trip Advisor are considered for partnership into the program.

The wine loop was founded and is managed by Karen and Ralph Riddle (hereafter referred to as Shadow Mountain Escape) – owners/operators of Virginia’s only authentic five star rated timber frame cabin rentals known as Shadow Mountain Escape (SME). For administrative and marketing purposes, The BRWWL is SME’s regional destination marketing program – the program’s marketing funds are managed by SME under account named “Discover Shenandoah” and are available upon request to annually contributing partners.

All of the wine/spirits tourism and tourism supporting businesses and offices published on the December 2020 -BRWWL map are considered the original marketing partners who since 2010 have contributed financially and in numerous other ways to the building of the program. Of these, the primary partners are the wineries, whisky distilleries, breweries, restaurants, Shenandoah National Park Concessionaire, Luray Caverns, lodging businesses, and the participating Visitor Centers of the five counties.  The map is updated annually.

Shadow Mountain Escape is the principle decision making partner. SME informs and consults with its BRWWL marketing partners regarding major program updates and changes to include annual grant submissions/execution; major events; and web site/social media updates and opportunities.

SME relies on input from all partners to develop and update the program. SME also coordinates the annual wine loop partners’ social (a premier coordinating/networking/socializing event) which all partners are invited to. The four cornerstones of the program are:

  1. The broad distribution of the professionally illustrated and published rack card with map
  2. The partner integrated digital marketing campaign (web site and social media)
  3. Annual creative marketing initiatives (usually State grant aligned)
  4. Program Contributions. As of January 2018, the BRWWL marketing program is considered fully developed and in sustainment phase.

Partner Benefits

  • Upon request access to the latest edition BRWWL maps and rack cards for your business needs
  • Leverage BRWWL web site and social media marketing outlets – after initial page build, partner is responsible for sending graphic images and information updates to SME for web site updating
  • Business event promotion
  • A dedicated page on the BRWWL web site
  • BRWWL social media promotions as requested
  • Participating in and leveraging Annual BRWWL broad marketing initiatives
  • Easy access to BRWWL partner business community for networking, socialization, and business support
  • A large and ready marketing community to support your business plan (grant submission support, etc.)

Partner Responsibilities

  • Annual minimum contribution to marketing fund
  • Provide imagery and content to SME on a frequent basis for web site/social media updates
  • Participate in partnership collaboration
  • Link web site to BRWWL web site
  • Distributes BRWWL rack card w/map

New Partner Requirements (web site only listing – not listed on BRWWL map)

  • Must be a wine/spirit’s tourism or tourism supporting business within the BRWWL region
  • Must have maintained a minimum 4+ star rating on both google and Trip Advisor public review sites for at least one year from time of review
  • Must entertain an on-site visit by SME prior to acceptance into the program and allow casual visits annually thereafter
  • Following SME’s verification of acceptance, new partners into program submit initial $300 payment to “Discover Shenandoah” to be given web site page and receive full partner benefits.
  • Partners must include BRWWL web site link to their business web site and commit to supporting partner businesses

New Partner Requests for BRWWL Map and Rack Card listing

The BRWWL Map and Rack Card are updated by a professional illustrator, and updates are printed, once per year. The intent of the BRWWL map and rack card is to present our region to the broadest possible potential market as a world-class total tourism destination.

  • The program’s tools for specific market targeting are the web site, social media, and annual marketing initiatives (grant programs).
  • New partners who wish to be listed on the BRWWL rack card and map must request their intent.
  • The rack card and map are fully developed and have limited space for additional graphics and listings.
  • SME will work closely with any/all partners to include and update their business on the next editions of the map.
  • After the graphic impact is reviewed by SME and the illustrator, approval for addition to the BRWWL Map and Rack Card will be granted or denied.
  • The priority of effort will be the aesthetic quality of the graphics.
  • In the event a new partner is added to the rack card and map, a fee of an additional $200 is due as payment towards the cost of professional illustration updates and printing.

Contact Karen or Ralph Riddle at (540)843-0584 for questions or clarification.