Easy Event Planning Tool
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Your wedding or special event planning just got a lot easier . . .

The Easy Event Planning Tool is custom designed and seasonally updated by the business partners of the Blue Ridge Whisky Wine Loop for the sole purpose of making your wedding or other event planning a convenient and enjoyable experience.

The Easy Planning Tool presents high quality unique product and service packages for wedding and event planners to easily access and select creative offers from the renowned four+ star and above rated Virginia wineries, breweries, distillers and other supporting businesses of the Blue Ridge Whisky Wine Loop.

All of the listed packages can be ordered directly by contacting providers. Planners and all interested customers are encouraged to contact the businesses directly for additional information, customization of packages, or (if desired) to arrange on-site visits with the package promoters.

We hope this Easy Planning Tool contributes to your special event being a happy and enjoyable experience for all involved.

From January, 2019 Recreation News Insert

BRWWL Wedding Planning

Important Considerations When Planning Weddings and Events in the Blue Ridge Whisky Wine Loop Region:

How to use the Easy Planning Tool:

  1. Select the Product/Service Category which you are interested in.
  2. Go to the Business Name to review package offerings.
  3. Select the Package which interests you to view the details.
  4. Order the Package by sending an email to the provider to order the package  or  for additional information, customization, or to arrange on-site visits.
  5. Go back to Product/Service Category and continue  until any and all the product/services which you require are chosen.